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White River Ranch

The Original Lincoln Logs White River Ranch Building Set
January 23, 2014

You need to purchase a White River Ranch Building Set a remarkable lincoln logs set a great lincoln logs set made by K'nex. My name is Joshua my friends call me Josh. My kids who are ages 11 and 11 came home from summer camp and started rambling on about about a White River Ranch Building Set. After playing with one we wanted to share with you this evaluation. With a bit of study I was confident it was a reasonably quality product. 744476008558 is the barcode for this lincoln logs set.

The maker of this lincoln logs set is K'nex, and they introduced it on the 24th of June, 2013. Among the many key features is the real wood lincoln logs plus colorful figures and accessories. Other highlights include things like 90 pieces and handy storage container.

This is priced inexpensively so there isn't any exceeding your financial allowance. White River Ranch Building Set is now discounted. For the best price on this lincoln log set and various other items, check out the shopping cart button on this site.

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