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Toads Sidestepper Challenge Building

Nintendo Toads Side-stepper Challenge Building Set
November 27, 2013

Your child will ask for the Toads Side-stepper. I am Joshua Mosh from Long Beach, CA my friends just call me Josh. My wife and I began searching for a good building set for our son who is 13 when we happened upon Toads Side-stepper at the store. I scanned the barcode with my ipad and the app came up as 744476383495, also the product number is 38349. When compared to several other products it features an excellent ranking. Now I could find some blogs with regards to the Mario building set, and consumer feed back reports as well as costs.

The Toads Sidestepper Challenge Building, was released by Nintendo, sometime in August of 2013. My sister really loved that the building set has the feature of super-fast, battery-powered motor for kart. She also really liked that it had the feature of buildable, interconnectable track system. Additional features consist of moving side-stepper obstacle, 2 collectible items: red shell and star and build toad in his standard kart. The Mario building set is 14″ by 14″ by 3″. It has got a weight of 1 lbs. The warranty these building sets come with is one 800 kid knex.

The present lowest amount I can locate for this Mario building set is somwhere around $17.96, though pricing may vary daily. I would like for you to get the best price and service when purchasing a building set for your children.

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