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Star Wars 9497 Republic Striker-class The Magnificent Lego Set For Your Kids

Lego Star Wars 9497 Republic Striker-class Starfighter
December 5, 2013

Star Wars 9497 Republic Strikerclass is a must own Lego set. We were over at my uncle Dustin's place and noticed his kids who are ages 53 and 50 were playing with a Star Wars 9497 Republic, therefore I realized the time had come for a review about it. Immediately I assumed this is an ideal Lego set for the children. 673419167888 is the bar code (Universal Product Code) for this Lego set, plus the part number is 9497. This offered me a good deal of useful information and customer feedback for it.

Lego started shipping this Lego set in July of 2013. The Lego set is 10.31″ Height x 15.04″ Length x 2.22″ Width. It has got a weight of 1.3 lbs. My uncle certainly loved that the product had the feature of republic striker-class starfighter measures over 2" (6cm) high, 13" (34cm) wide and 11" (29cm) long. He also really liked that it had features 4 flick missiles, attack and cruise mode wing configurations, opening cockpit and lightsaber storage at rear. Additional features consist of repel the forces of the sith empire. The Lego set comes with a warranty of no warranty by Lego.

This item is somewhat popular! It has been strongly praised and therefore is seeing respectable sales online. It's listed affordably so there isn't any going over your financial budget. The actual lowest amount on it is around $27.00. Star wars 9497 republic striker-class. If you want a great deal on this Star Wars Lego set for your kids, visit the market link below.

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