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Snap That Together With Koala Bears With Kangaroo

Playmobil Koala Bears With Kangaroo
January 2, 2014

Snap and build with Koala Bears With Kangaroo brought to you by Playmobil! My wife decided to get our daughter who is 4 a good Princess building set when my uncle Russell believed he might possibly be interested in playing with the Playmobil set Koala Bears With Kangaroo. The model number for this is 4854. I conducted some research about it versus similar products. Now I could read some articles with regards to the building set, and consumer ratings as well as deals.

The building set was introduced by Playmobil, sometime in 2013. My uncle definitely liked that the building set had encourages children to explore and learn while having fun. He also liked it had help the zookeeper care for the koala bears and kangaroo. Its 7.9″ Height x 7.9″ Length x 3″ Width and it has got the weight of that of a water bottle. The Princess building set comes with a warranty of thirty day warranty against defects supplied by the manufacturer.

The lowest price for these building sets is close to $9.99. To get the same great price I uncovered, check out our store add to cart button on this site.

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