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Snap It Together With 70201 Chi Eris

Lego Chima 70201 Chi Eris
January 7, 2014

Kids of all age groups will like to build up with 70201 Chi Eris by Lego Chima. My wife and I started hunting for a brand new Chima Lego set for our children who are ages 59 and 21 when we found 70201 Chi Eris at the toy store. My cell phone app reportated that the bar code was 0673419191845, plus the model number 70201. After some researching I was confident this was a pretty decent Chima Lego set for the child.

Lego Chima launched the 70201 Chi Eris sometime in May of 2013. The Lego set is 2.95″ Height x 7.68″ Length x 11.02″ Width. I definitely loved that it has features a chi axe staff, huge talons, golden blade wings and chi orb chest armor. Additional features consist of battle with 70204 chi worriz and stands over 7" (18cm) tall. The warranty information from Lego Chima is, no warranty.

Before anything else, remember that you can purchase an extraordinary gift for kids without spending a lot, together with without sacrificing quality. The worst thing to do when looking for 70201 Chi Eris could be to rush your purchase. Reviews are the easiest way to get information about both the quality and price of anything. You may learn about the experiences a person's child ran into with the item.

This may not be a hugely popular Chima Lego set but it sure is a great deal! The very best price tag for this Lego set is around $14.99. Best price 70201 Chi Eris. Should you need a good deal on this Lego set for your child, visit the market button on this page.

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