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Snap And Make With The Kingdoms Outpost Attack

Lego Kingdoms Outpost Attack 7948
October 12, 2013

Building has not been more challenging with Kingdoms Outpost Attack, a great product by Lego! My name is Joshua Mosh. My close friend was telling me her sons who are 24 and 35 really loved playing with Kingdoms Outpost Attack. The model no. is 7948 so I looked it up. After a little researching online I knew this is a reasonably good quality item. Now I was able to look up reviews regarding the Lego set, and consumer ratings as well as deals.

The company that makes this Lego set is Lego. They released it in August of 2010. The Lego set dimensions are 10.31″ X 11.1″ X 2.52″ and it has the weight of a playing cards. One of the attributes for these Legos is the king? s outpost features falling wall function. Other highlights consist of 194 lego pieces and giant catapult that flings lego bricks. It comes with a warranty of contact customer services @ 800 838 9672 by the manufacturer.

It really is priced cheaply so there is no going over your spending budget. The current lowest amount I can find for this Lego set is around $48.99, but my affiliate now offers it at a better price. To find the best offer for this Kngdom set and various other products, click on the shopping cart link.

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