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Rocka 3. 0

Lego Rocka 3. 0
December 1, 2013

Snap it together with Rocka 3. 0. Hi, my name is Joshua my friends all call me Josh. My wife planned to get our son who is 4 a Lego set and my uncle Julio Miller from San Francisco assumed he could well be eager to play with the Lego set Rocka 3. 0. The barcode for this impressive product is 673419145442, plus the MPN 2143. Instantly I knew it was a great Hero Factory set for his child. This offered me a large amount of valuable information and customer feedback for the Hero Factor sets.

Lego, which makes leading quality Lego set for the children. They shipped this Hero Factory set for the child on the 1st of August, 2011. I definitely liked that the Lego set has the feature of specialities: lion animal power, speed, strength and ferocity. Other highlights include white hero core on chest and stands 6 ½? (17cm) tall. The Lego set comes with a warranty of warning: choking hazard small parts not for children under three yrs from the manufacturer. almost the length of a toothpick | The Lego set dimensions are 6.5″H | The Lego set is 6.5″ Height | The Lego set dimensions are 6.5″H | Its 6.5″H } and has the weight of that of a baseball.

The current lowest amount on the Lego Rocka 3. 0 is somwhere around $10.99. For more information about this Lego set, visit the shopping cart link below.

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