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New 1913 Rms Titanic Made By Cobi

Cobi 1913 Rms Titanic, White Star Line, Limited Edition, Building Bricks
August 17, 2013

Click and create with 1913 Rms Titanic My wife planned to get our sons who are 15 and 13 another Sluban building set and my sister advised I see if my chiild would like the block set 1913 Rms Titanic. The model number is 1913 so I did a search online. Straight away I was aware this is a terrific block set for the chiild. This provided me a lots of worthwhile details and testimonials on the Sluban building blocks.

Cobi is the brand name behind the development of the 1913 Rms Titanic, and they began production it sometime in 2013. The Sluban building set has the weight of a lunch box. My sister definitely liked that the block set had inside every box are detailed illustrated instructions. Other highlights include things like 6 years + and compatible with other leading brands.

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The very best price for these building blocks is around $89.95, plus handling and shipping costs. New 1913 Rms Titanic. I would like for you to get the best price when pruchasing a Sluban building set, check out our partners via the add to shopping cart button.

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