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Lego Portal Of Atlantis 8078

Lego Portal Of Atlantis 8078
October 26, 2013

Kids of any age will like build with the Portal Of Atlantis by Lego. It is time to publish a review when my calls me about how fantastic the Lego set Portal Of Atlantis is to play with. My iphone app said the barcode is 673419129879, plus 8078 is the model number. Compared to other items it happens to be really cool. Now I could find some blogs with regards to it, and consumer feed back reports as well as the prices.

The company that makes the Lego Portal Of Atlantis 8078 is Lego. Lego introduced it sometime in 2010. The Atalntis Lego set dimensions are 14.88″ x 22.91″ x 3.43″. It has a weight of 4.03 lbs. Among the list of key characteristics for these Legos is the includes 7 minifigures: 3 divers, 1 portal emperor, 1 squid warrior, 1 shark warrior, and 1 skeleton. Other highlights include contains 1,007 lego pieces. The warranty information from the manufacturer is contact customer services @ eight hundred 838 9698.

Using the web you can get many sources and details to guide you to make a good purchase decision. Reviews are the easiest way to get information about both the quality and price of anything. Using a review you could find information relating to items from customers. The secret to finding straight answers is to study a lot of comments.

The best price tag I could find on it is around $82.00, but my link offers it at a better price on the internet. Portal Of Atlantis. If you need a good deal for this Atalntis Lego set, check out our store add to cart button below.

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