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Kids Of Any Age Will Love To Create With The Mega Bloks Halo Unsc Ammo Pack I

Mega Bloks Halo Unsc Ammo Pack I
September 2, 2013

Kids love this terrific building set from Mega Bloks. My name is Joshua. My sister Marisol text messaged me asking more information on the building set, Halo Unsc Ammo Pack. I scanned the EAN barcode with my ipad and the app came up as 0065541970373 and 97037MEG is the model number. Just after examining it for some other Halo blocks it happens to be pretty decent.

Mega Bloks is the manufacturer behind the production of the Halo Unsc Ammo Pack I. Mega Bloks began production it on the 21st of November, 2012. My sister in fact liked that the building set has weapons include: assault rifle, battle rifle, rocket launcher and frag grenades (x2). She also really loved it had buildable base plate and ammo storage unit. Additional features include new unsc marine micro action figure. The warranty information from the manufacturer, is lifetime warranty against 's defects. The building set is 6″ Height x 4″ Length x 1″ Width.

To start with, take into account that you can find a magnificent gift for children without having to spend an arm and a leg, and additionally without sacrificing quality.

Halo Unsc Ammo Pack I is now on sale. Should you need a good deal for this building set, click on our store link on this site.

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