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Fantastic Creation With Zoob 75-PIECE Basic

Zoob 75-PIECE Basic Set
October 31, 2013

Click the idea together with multi-colored, Zoob 75PIECE Basic Set! I am Joshua Mosh from Long Beach, CA my friends call me Josh. It is an inside joke. I had been talking to my buddy concerning the Lego set for my children Zoob 75-PIECE Basic Set and this is what he had to say. The EAN barcode for this product is 0635694110751.

The color of these Legos is multi-colored. The manufacturer is Infinitoy, which makes top quality Dinosaur Lego sets. Infinitoy shipped this item sometime in June of 2006. My buddy definitely liked that the item had 75 colorful zoob pieces, expandable and compatible with all other infinitoy zoob sets. He also really loved it had 4 instruction guides, for basic connections and 16 creations. Other features consist of colorful storage box and create the "dino bunny" or "the fly"!. The Lego set dimensions are 8″H x 10″L x 2.75″W. It has the weight of that of a football. The warranty these Dinosaur Lego sets come with is will replace broken zoob pieces, if sent with sase.

Today's best discount for the multi-colored Zoob 75-PIECE Basic Set is $16.83, although I know where the real best price is. We would like for you to get the best price and service when choosing a Dinosaur Lego set, please visit our store link.

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