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Creator Lighthouse Made By Lego

Lego Creator Lighthouse Island 5770
February 18, 2014

My kids want to share with you an excellent Creator Lego set entitled from Lego. My name is Joshua Mosh from Long Beach. My sister Candy Hebert and I were just recently serious about getting a new Creator building set for her children when she assumed she would be eager to play with the Lego set Lego Creator Lighthouse Island 5770. You can look up the UPC using your tablet, mine reported it as 673419143813, also the MPN "Manufacturer's Part Number" is 5770. With a bit of research online I realized this was a rather decent Lego set for the kids.

The manufacturer is Lego, a maker of excellent Creator building sets. Lego shipped this Creator Lego set around August of 2011. I think you will love that it comes along with this feature, features light brick, rotating mirror and opening back for easier access. Other features include 518 pieces total. Its 2.5″ Height by 14.5″ Length by 14″ Width. It weighs somewhere around 2.37 lbs.

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These Creator sets are not a very well known item online however I can testify it will probably be right for you. The actual lowest price tag I can uncover on it is close to $80.00, having said that I know where the actual lowest price is. Creator lighthouse. To find the best offer for this product along with other Legos, click on our affilate add to cart button.

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