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Cheapest Price On The Lego Heroica Draida Bay 3857

Lego Heroica Draida Bay 3857
December 13, 2013

Searching to buy a quality Heroica building set? Lego Heroica Draida Bay 3857 a great Lego set. Hi, my name is Joshua Mosh from Long Beach, CA my friends call me Josh. I'm not telling. My buddy Shane Liu from Birmingham needs to know more with regards to Heroica Draida Bay 3857, so after letting he play with it the following is my assessment. I read the EAN-13 code with my own tablet and the app showed up as 0673419145602 and 3857 is the MPN.

The manufacturer is Lego, which makes leading quality Heroica Lego sets. They shipped this Heroica Lego set for the kids in August of 2011. My buddy actually loved that it has the feature of an expandable world of adventure for 2 players. He also really loved it had collect them all, combine all or 1 other heroica game (3858, 3859, 3860). Other highlights include things like the goblin army has captured draida bay. Its dimensions are 10.71″ X 5.67″ X 2.64″. It also weighs around the same as a box of matches.

You may find our about the experience someone else's child had with the product. Be certain you consider the asking price of Legos.

It might not be the most widespread Heroica building set but it sure is a great deal! The very best price tag for this Heroica Lego set is around $11.99, nevertheless I know where the actual best price is. To buy the product now at the cheapest price, check out the shopping cart link.

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