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Building Has Never Been More Enjoyable With The Blocks Small Army #2310 Thunder

Cobi Blocks Small Army #2310 Thunder
September 14, 2013

Those who are wanting to buy a Cobi block kit We've put together some good info. Blocks Small Army from Cobi Building Blocks is an excellent Cobi block kit! My name is Joshua Mosh my friends call me Josh. I'm not telling. My close friend was telling me his daughter who is a toddler really liked playing with the Cobi block kit Blocks Small Army. 5902251023102 is the barcode for this block set. Soon after reviewing it to many other Cobi block sets it is highly recommended.

Cobi Building Blocks is the manufacturer behind the production of the Blocks Small Army, and they started shipping it on the 13th of August, 2013. A list of feature characteristics are compatible with leading block brands!, quality european craftsmanship! and ages 5 +. The block set weighs about the same as a football.

This Cobi block kit will likely currently be located on sale. Great deal on Blocks Small Army. To learn more about this Cobi block kit, click on the link on this site.

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