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Build And Create With Creator 7346 Seaside House

Lego Creator 7346 Seaside House
December 12, 2013

Creator 7346 Seaside House is an excellent Creator set. My wife and I wished to get our daughter a new Creator building set and then my aunt assumed she would be intrigued with the Creator building set Creator 7346 Seaside House. After some study I recognized this was quite an quality Creator building set for the kids. You can look up the UPC using your ipad, mine reported it as 673419167239, also 7346 is the manufacturer's number. This provided me a lots of important content and consumer reviews for it.

The manufacturer, Lego Creator launched this Lego set for the kids on the 12th of August, 2013. The Lego set is 11.1″H x 18.9″L x 2.4″W. It also weighs around as much as a lunch box. My aunt in fact liked that the Creator set had the feature of house with beach hut features a stream with bridge, palm tree and drink machine in the hut. She also really liked it had the feature of packed with accessories including life ring, surfboard, grill, sand castle and even a wave in the sea. The warranty information from the manufacturer, is no warranty.

This item is somewhat popular. It is being greatly received and is seeing respectable sales online. This Creator building set can now be found for less than MSRP. Where to buy a Creator 7346 Seaside House. To learn more about this Creator building set, click on our store add to shopping cart button.

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